We are located just blocks away from the Luzerne County Courthouse.
...catering to the
duplication needs of
Luzerne county
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Wilkes-Barre Luzurne Luzerne
on-site copying scanning
label printing printer plot
blueprint engineering
litigation photo envelope
duplication ticket poster
binding card color
Trial Presentation Size Posters
We can take your 8.5 x 11 document or your color photographs and enlarge
them to any size up to 40 inches wide and mount them on durable foamcore
for courtroom presentation.
Spiral and Velo Binding
Binding gives your documents a professional look. We stock various sizes
of Velo Bind spines and Spiral bind combs. We have numerous cover
stocks in inventory, enabling us to meet your deadline with a first class
Medical Chart Duplication
We can duplicate medical charts in our shop or on-site, if the files cannot be
released. Our staff is trained to accurately reassemble both original and
copies into standard medical record format. Each job is treated with utmost
confidentiality and HIPPA compliance.
Make sure everyone can see your display with our full color poster prints.
Scanning, Archiving, Indexing, Paper to Digital File conversion.
We go on-site and copy every record you need.
...on media up to 40 inches wide.
Experienced researchers copy the files you need by the deadline you set.
We use Xerox Color equipment for the best results
Don't hassle with expensive inkjet cartridges... Let us print your files.
Makes your documents look professional.
Bates Stamping
We can Bates stamp your original sets or copies for quick referencing. We
can also digitally annotate copies with additional data.