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Dietzgen Digital Imaging Media and Supplies
This is a registered trademark of the Dietzgen Corporation. Click to visit their website.
We are an Authorized Dealer for Dietzgen, who provides reproduction media
to reprographers, engineers, architects and designers for a wide range of
printing equipment. A division of the Nashua Corporation, Dietzgen has more
than a century of experience in the wide format imaging industry.
A good drawing starts with good media. Enhance your output with Dietzgen digital imaging media.
Gold Star Wide Format carries a number of Dietzgen papers and supplies in
stock and can deliver them to your door or ship them if you prefer. Whether
you need CAD inkjet media such as the Jet-PLOT® brand of bond,
translucent bond, vellum, and film, or graphic and commercial art inkjet
media such as the Color by Dietzgenâ„¢ brand of coated color bonds and
photographic papers, we can satisfy your needs. For older equipment there
is the Driprint® brand of diazo senitized media available in blueline,
blackline, blue specialty tint, presentation bond, sensitized vellum, and
sensitized film.
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