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We are an authorized dealer for the revolutionary, high speed digital printing system by Riso.
These digital printers are capable of scanning an image with precision and printing it at high
speed. It is the perfect self-contained reprographics system, as it offers the convenience of a
copier, the economy of a duplicator, and the durability of an offset press. Compared to
photocopying, the Riso digital printer can be 3 or 4 times more cost effective and is perfectly
positioned to fill the gap between your copying and printing needs.
The RISO digital printer comes into its own when you have a multiple copying job or print
run of 15 copies up to many thousands of copies. With the capability to print onto a wide
range of materials, copier bonds, carbonless papers, cards, labels and even envelopes, a RISO
digital printer can handle media that a copier can't. In addition, by linking a Printer-Duplicator
to your Mac or IBM PC/compatible, images can be printed directly from your computer.
Riso Digital Printers
This is a registered trademark of Riso Kagaku, Inc. Click to visit their website.
RP-3790 the flagship of Riso's digital printers
We carry a wide range of model options. No matter what your specific requirements are, there is one to suit your needs
from the high resolution output of RP3790 printer, to the low cost entry level CR1610 printer. All are available with
additional accessories to address your particular application.
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